Access Control Kits

Access Control Kits


Access Control Kits

A while ago, the term ‘access control kits’ was only taken to mean a brass key, which would let you have control in and out of a passage. But technological advancements have seen great changes in access control kits. Today, the term ‘access-control’ is taken to mean a form of computer-based electronic access card. The systems have become more and more sophisticated, but this has only made it easier for you. You no longer have to hassle through software to access a passage. And while cards are still used, they are just one of the methods through which you can gain control to passages.

Wide Array of Choices

With great technology comes convenience. You can choose non-software based, standalone, kits where you just press a button and gain access to a passageway. You can also choose between smartphone controlled based kits, software-based kits, wireless remote ‘buzz-in’ kits, wireless exit and wireless keypad button entry kits. With FPC Security, you get a wide array of choice for your access-control system. From the most common system, access-control remotes, and software-based control, to the recent technology where you control your passages from a mobile device.

Access Control Kits – Easy Installation

Not only do you spend a few minutes choosing an ideal access-control kit, you also spend only a few hours installing. When you shop with FPC, you get all accessories you need to install the access-control system. And you do not have to do it alone if you are not a technical person. Most of the units are offered with a wireless receiver that picks signals from a long range. This allows you to control your passages remotely from a long range. There is no place you cannot use kits, from entryways to exits to interior doors. You might have seen these control systems being used in banks and corporate buildings to allow or deny access. You can also do that at home

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