Entry Devices

Entry Devices


Entry Devices

The use of security entry devices eases the use of an access control system. It is not easy to grant or deny access to a given door from a central location. Therefore, access is granted or restricted once workers or dwellers of a given building can use entry devices to access doors and entryways.

Card, Keytag and Pin Entry Devices:

This is among the most common entry devices in access control security. While these are at times used together with cards, the devices can work alone and still enhance the security of a building. The security is dependent on the ability of the users to keep the password a secret and ensure intruders do not get access to it. The Keypad / Reader will have a numeric code, Key tag or card. For pin access, you can you choose anything from four numbers to a long list of numbers keyed in on a keypad. The keypad will send the data to the central control system, which will grant or deny access.

Scanners and cameras

These devices are also used as entry devices especially in biometric access control systems. Here, a user will place their thumbprint or eye to a scanner, which will scan and send details to the central system. For access to be granted, the details of the thumbprint or eye should have been recorded on the central system.

These type of readers are the same that scan the barcode or details of a card and give or deny authorization to a room. A few years ago, a camera would be placed on top of a door and access would be granted from the central computer. While this is still being done to allow or deny access to main entryways, it is not time conscious when used in workplaces. There may be more than two people requesting access to different doors at the same time and without security entry devices, the process of allowing or restricting access becomes a challenge.

A good entry device should offer convenience and enhance the efficiency of a workplace. For instance, an entry Device offers convenience where a high number of workers are involved.

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