Standalone & Wiegand Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Card Readers

Standalone & Wiegand Indoor/Outdoor Waterproof Card Readers


Waterproof Card readers

An access card reader is an electronic gadget that lets one enter or exit through a locked door using an access card that contains encoded data. For one to gain access, the information on the access card has to be compatible with that stored in a central unit.

Biometric readers

A biometric is an automated system which identifies a person based on his or her unique physiological characteristics like a fingerprint, image, or eye. The biometric reader has a scanner that reads a fingerprint or image and then compares it to a pre-scanned image. This system prevents people whose scanned image does not match with the stored image in a central unit. Biometric readers are regarded as the most secure systems since biometrics cannot be duplicated.

Proximity card readers

Proximity card readers utilize a low-level fixed radio frequency that facilitates contactless entry to restricted areas. To open or close a door, a user holds the proximity card at a certain distance from the reader. Then, the reader’s RF signal energizes the card’s microchip to deny or permit access.

Smart card readers

These access control card readers are designed to allow access through a door using the information stored in a smart card. Different from other access card readers, a smart card has a built-in circuit whose internal memory stores a user’s personal information. Usually, smart card readers have a card terminal through which users plug in their smart card. When the smart card reader comes into contact with the card reader, the card and card reader communicate by sending and receiving information from each other. If the messages exchanged do not match, the card reader prevents further processing from taking place.

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