Outdoor Waterproof Gate Maglocks

Outdoor Waterproof Gate Maglocks


Outdoor Waterproof Gate Maglocks

How Does Magnetic Gate Locks Work?

An outdoor waterproof magnetic gate lock utilizes an armature plate, an electromagnet, and an electric current to keep your gate locked. Usually, the electromagnet is fixed on the gate frame while the mating armature plate is fixed on the door. The electromagnet and armature plate should be contiguous for optimal operation. This locking mechanism is activated when a current passing through the electromagnet attracts the armature plate, thereby resulting in a robust locking force. In fact, the gate maglock can deliver a locking force of up to 1,500lbs.

Why Would You Invest In A Magnetic Gate Lock?

Unlike most of the standard locks, gate maglocks are easy to install as they require fewer mounting brackets, and they are a suitable option for emergency exits because they unlock instantly when the power is cut. Furthermore, a magnetic lock suffers less damage from multiple blows as compared to conventional locks. Waterproof maglocks are resistant to the wear and tear resulting from rust that may result from regular exposure to rainfall.

Magnetic Gate Lock Applications

You can use a magnetic lock for both inswing or outswing gates or doors. For optimal security, the maglock should be installed in the inside part of the door, and the cables or wires should be fitted into the door.

If you are looking to purchase a magnetic gate lock, below are top options to consider:

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