Indoor Mortise Maglocks

Indoor Mortise Maglocks


Indoor Mortise Maglocks

A mortise electromagnetic lock, maglock, or magnetic lock is a locking device that has an electromagnet and an armature plate. Fundamentally, the electromagnet section of the lock is attached to the door frame and another mating armature plate is then attached to the door. This device has no friction (no mechanical wear) and no noise.

Mortise maglocks

These devices require a pocket like space called the mortise to be made into the door frame where the lock is to be installed. Most of these locks are thought to be only used in older building structures but quite to the contrary, they are also used both in commercial buildings and modern homes.

These locks are energized electrically to hold the particular door in place consequently securing the building. They are extremely strong and can withstand great amounts of force.

Many magnetic locks are constructed in a way such that the lock only functions when there’s power and fails to work when power is cut off. Use this lock in addition to another lock on your exit or entry doors.

The locking devices are used on simple function doors such as wooden doors, small doors and glass doors. Its design is aimed at ensuring safety and durability. Examples of such type of locks include,

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