Success Story - Creative Home Engineering

Success Story

Hidden Door Store by Creative Home Engineering belong to the niche industry of building secret doors for homes, from rotating bookcases to lifting staircases. A large part of our systems are used for security applications. We also specialize in custom security doors made from steel. We have a huge array of creative doors found nowhere else. Our work has been featured in over 100 publications.


Door Buzzer Entry Systems

Door Buzzer Entry Systems Security has never been more important than it is today. Even in seemingly quiet and safe suburban areas, you just never know whom you can trust or when some unsavory individual will wander into the area with calamitous intent.This applies to houses, apartments and businesses alike. While a good security system...

Surveillance for Security- How to Buy a Magnetic Door Lock

Magnetic Door Locks Commercial A door access control system has many options for locking devices. Between electric strikes, mag locks, and drop bolts, you have no shortage of items to choose from. Each type has their advantages. Magnetic door locks commercial buildings use can be any locking device. Here, though, we'll explore the magnetic door...
door access control system

Door Access Control System Best Practices

Door Access Control System  Finding a door access control system may not be the easiest thing in the world to do. But, it doesn't have to be so hard. As long as you research the different types of control devices, and how door access control systems works, you can be better prepared when it's time...

How DO Electrical Doors Work?

How DO Electrical Doors Work?  Learn Why Electric Lock, Bolt Electric, and Electric Strike Technology Enhance Security!   Electric Doors: An Overview Today anyone shopping for electrical doors faces a confusing barrage of terminology. From bolt electric to electric strike technology, the words used to describe the mechanisms in an electric lock sometimes appear daunting!...

Exit Buttons as Exit Devices:

Exit Buttons as Exit Devices: Why the Push to Exit Button Works Well With Programs Like Exit Door Alarms Technology has brought us a long way since the days of using the simple lock and key systems. When security needs are high, getting the best devices to keep your home or business safe is a...

Door Access control Basics

Door entry systems regulate passage in and out of an area. The standard lock and key is a form of access control, but door access control systems have become sophisticated with time. Today, apartment building door entry systems are computer based where all doors are managed from a central location. These keyless door entry systems...

How do proximity cards work?

Proximity Cards World The most important part of any commercial property is the physical access. It influences the overall security and who is in the building, which is why in terms of safety, everybody wants the best. Intruders, thieves, and other unwanted visitors may cause irreparable damage that can cost you thousands. This is the...

All you need to know about electronic locks before you buy

Electronic Locks Electronic locks offer the ability to lock or unlock a door or entryway in ways that are impossible to achieve with traditional metal or brass keys. This ability brings with it many benefits, such as convenience and remote access, but probably the main advantage that these locks bring with them is security.  ...

Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Locks Every business or individual concerned with the safety and security of their property should ensure that magnetic locks have been installed. Magnetic locks for doors are the excellent choices, regarding security, cost, and the safety. There is hardly any bit of false information about these types of locks. Like their name suggests, they...
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