Electric Bolt Locks

Electric Bolt Locks


Electric bolt locks

As its name suggests, this lock is a locking mechanism that uses an electrical current to close or open a door. Unlike traditional electricity-powered bolt locks that are operated using software that is prone to malfunction resulting from communication and installation issues, modern electricity-powered bolt locks do not use the software.

How an electric bolt lock work

Ideally, an electronic bolt lock locks or opens a door using an electrical current. Depending on the design, an electric bolt door uses a numerical code, a security token, biometrics, or a password to activate or deactivate the lock. FPC’s bolt locks unlock just in case electricity supply to the bolt is interrupted.

Why would one consider FPC’s non-software electricity-powered bolt locks?
There are several reasons why one would consider buying FPC’s non-software electric locks as an alternative to the common software supported electric locks. Some of these reasons include:

They are not prone to the malfunction
The primary reason why one would consider investing in FPC’s non-software electric bolts is that they are free of the glitches associated with software electric bolts like a miscommunication between the lock and software or installation errors. At times, these glitches can deny one access to a certain area until an expert solves the underlying issue.

Ease of use
Investing in an electric lock is an effortless way to open and close a door. Unlike the traditional key locks that involve the use of a key to open or close a door, FPC’s electricity-powered bolt lock supports an easy to use keyless entry. Besides the ease of entry and access, the bolt lock also eliminates the issue of issuing multiple keys when many people use the same entrance.

FPC’s electricity-powered bolt locks can withstand extreme weather elements
FPC’s electricity-powered bolt locks are thoughtfully designed to withstand extreme weather elements like humidity, temperature, water, and snow. These factors can accelerate rusting and corrosion if not mitigated. The weather resistant feature makes the electric bolt locks an excellent feature for both indoor and outdoor use.

The lock kit comes with a three-year warranty
FPC’s electric locks come with a three-year warranty that covers clients against manufacturer defects on the locks mechanical and electrical parts. Some of FPC’s electric locks that on should consider are VIS- DP103WCY-FSE drop bolt lock, VIS- DP102- FSE electronic lock with time delay, VIS- DP105GD- FSA for glass doors, and VIS- DP104ND- FSA for narrow doors.

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