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Indoor Maglocks


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Maglocks, just as you would expect from their name, use magnets. Surprisingly, magnets have produced some of the strongest locks. Most of the Maglocks have not been picked. See why you need indoor maglocks?

You can use these locks to keep secure parts of your homes or business you don’t need burglars gaining access to such as hidden compartments, safes and indoor rooms where you keep your valuables. Magnetic force is very powerful that when the full force is activated, it can rip off fillings from as far as half a mile away. Granted, technology has allowed us to create a magnet that could be turned off.

Choose the Power You Want

From FPC Security, you can choose maglocks of different strengths to suit your needs. The lowest power is 120 lbs. This still offers you great power for safes and small doors. Then there is 300 lbs, 600 lbs and 1200 lbs. A magnetic door lock is chosen based on the security needed.

How do these maglocks work?

Magnets are simple; they have both North and South poles. Like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Locks are created by temporarily turning a metal into a magnet by passing a current through a wire with lots of coils on an iron core. When the current is disrupted, the magnetism is disrupted and the lock opens

Shifting to Maglocks?

Magnets are powerful, they should not be experimented with; which is why they offer you better security than standard locks. While most of them are simple devices that can be installed within a few hours, improper handling can result to bodily harm. Granted, you should always seek the help of a professional to get the maglocks installed. It is easy to choose the maglock that will meet your needs from FPC Security. 120-lb lock fits small doors and cabinets while 1200-lb locks fit large doors. These units are fitted with other features such as LED sensors to enhance convenience.

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