TITAN VSAXESS is a powerful and complete Access control management software for Visionis products for a our second generation of Access Control Panels.

VSAXESS is a powerful and complete Access control management software for Visionis products. This versatile and easy to use platform generates professional level reports and can integrate with CCTV systems to be managed under one software.

VezcoGo Mobile App

You can download the VezcoGo App installer for ANDROID phones using the link below. After you download the file you will have to open it to start the installation process.

IMPORTANT: In order for it to work, you have to download the file from your Android Smartphone, this file won’t open in a different operating system.

As a Video Management software solution, Vezco offers VEZPRO (PC). This software enhances our easy-to-use security solutions through superior device/channel access capability and multi-professional remote video management functions.

The VZstation Video Management Software will allow you to monitor the VEZCO Cameras and NVRs. With live view, playback and device management functions.


If the VZ Station Software doesn’t run when you open it, you might need to install Microsoft Visual C++. Use the link below to go to Microsoft’s Official website and download the component.


VZtools helps you search active device protocol, it’s Vezco’s free and simple utility for searching Vezco products (including IP cameras and DVRs/NVRs) in the local network. VZtools software supports Windows OS only, is available for Microsoft Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008 – 32/64-bit, Windows XP, Windows 2003 – 32-bit. In addition to searching Vezco devices, this online device search tool can also be used for modification of network parameters of the Vezco devices, including the change of passwords or recovery of default passwords (when the user lost/forgot a password).