Convenience / Gas Station Kits

Convenience stores and gas stations operate 24 hours a day. Most of them are exposed to security threats that place them in need of special security systems.

When operating at the wee hours of the night, the traffic in gas stores slows and this is when the risk of armed robbery increases.

Some gas stations and convenience stores are using bulletproof glass and ballistic devices to limit entry into the gas station or convenience store.However, the glass and ballistic devices will not offer any protection once the robbers are inside the gas station or convenience store.

Convenience store security systems range from simple surveillance systems and locks connected to the central security computer. This way, the person-in-charge can either allow or deny access to the gas station or convenience store, based on their threat assessment. 

Locks can be of different types and offered for different security levels. Electromagnetic locks are among the most used in the market.

FPC  electromagnetic locks and security kits

Magnets have been used in locks for a long time thanks to their power. Magnets are simple; unlike poles attract while like poles repel. Electromagnetic locks are created by passing current through a solenoid. The locks also referred to as maglocks, are powerful. Some are designed to open when current is passed through them and will remain locked in case of power failure.

Others are designed to lock when current is passed through them and can be opened by pushing or pulling in case of power failure. FPC Security has a number of electromagnetic locks and kits to meet the needs of different users.

When an electromagnetic lock is integrated with the access control system of the convenience store, a comprehensive security system is realized.

In a convenience store or gas station, security can easily be controlled by a single person as long as the right security systems are installed. You can combine different forms of security such as electromagnetic locks with access control systems from a reputable company, and surveillance systems to complete the system.