Indoor Push To Exit Buttons

Indoor Push To Exit Buttons


Indoor Push To Exit Buttons

Our  indoor Push to exit buttons are important when magnetic locks and other electro mechanical locking devices are used to secure an exit or entry door. A wide variety of flush and surface mount exit buttons and switches are available. Some of them are as follows:

Visionis VIS-7000 Green Square

A very common indoor push to exit button used in homes, commercial buildings and even factories. Has a very sleek look owing to its amazing design which incorporates LED lights and stainless steel material. It is made purposefully for indoor exits. Several applications for access control can be used with this exit button.

Visionis VIS-7018 Big Round Green

This exit button has a big round shaped green button for easy location and is best for indoor exits and entrances. It has a simple but elegant design and suitable for indoor use.

Visionis VIS-7008 Outdoor

This variety is excellent for outdoor use. It can tough out any weather conditions and is made of stainless steel. Its exit button is similar to the round doorbell button. It is fitted with LED lighting and communication outputs.

Visionis VIS-7012 Stainless Steel

This type has a no touch Push to exit button. It has a wide fitting, LED light for better location in the dark, a communication system and has no outputs. Mainly used for indoor purposes and you don’t have to touch for it to open unlike other button locks.  This exit button is commonly used in office buildings and banks.

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