Non Software based (Standalone) Kits

Non Software based (Standalone) Kits


Non Software Based (Standalone) Access Control Kits

Access controls are security measures that control how users and systems access and connect to other systems and resources. Access Control Systems allow one to monitor the entry and exit movements within an office, a home or business. Access control has benefits in businesses, factories, laboratories, and offices that far outweigh its cost of installation and purchase. Access control is important for firms and companies with small, medium and or significant assets. The systems prevent theft by unauthorized staff. Most typical buildings that are properly secured by keys and locks in busy days, mostly end up being remaining unlocked all day. This system opens up the potential for opportunist robbery and property damage. Electronic access control provides the most efficient and practical way of securing your building and resources.

Installing an access control system means that you will never have to change your locks again. Tokens, or keycards, are released to employees or home partners to allow access through the controlled doors, and one can easily be barred from the entry system if they have lost or robbed of their access keycard. Barred tokens will disallow access through their controlled locks.

FPC Security Non Software Based Kits

Non software based control packages mean that they require no software installation. The access control system delivers the ready-to-deploy solution that saves all its customers’ time. This solution ensures the system cannot get compromised without the owner’s know-how.

These electronic keypads have been used in thousands of companies and businesses throughout the country for stand-alone operations. It currently has registered a high customer satisfaction rating in the electronic systems products in the country. Most customer’s describing the product easy to install and use.

The standalone access control kits provided by FPC can also be custom designed to match the client requirement, style and functionality whether indoors, outdoors, in extreme weather situations, vandal resistant, Wieland output, and or illuminated conditions. The security site offers an option to create the access control system you desire in a few easy steps.

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