Surveillance Systems for Jewelry/Pawn Shops

Jewelers and pawn shop owners need specialized security systems. These shops hold high value inventory and will, therefore, need security assurance. Sophisticated security systems have allowed these shops to up their security while making it easy to manage their personal safety and asset protection.

Jewelry/Pawn Shops Security 

Surveillance systems are some of most common security systems used in these shops. Surveillance systems including cameras are connected to a central computer through software, or connected to a mobile device through an app. This allows the store owner to manage the system with ease, alert the authorities from the app and change the settings of the surveillance systems as they wish.

Cameras, alarms and other components of a surveillance system are now designed with high technology features, making them highly effective in detecting and capturing intruders. For jewelers and pawn shop owners, each display case, file cabinet, vault and other sections of the jewelry store can be fitted with specific surveillance system, for individualized monitoring.

Jewelry store security systems need to make the employees and store owners to feel secure. Simple maglocks and electric locks are the security basics. These locks are integrated into access control systems that allow swift management of the whole security.

Access Control Kits for Jewelry/Pawn Shops

Access control kits for jewelry and pawn shops are designed to allow or restrict access to specific parts or sections of the store. The access control system will be used to control traffic in and out of the store while granting passage to employers and employees. A good access control system will meet the needs of a store without being overly expensive.

Locks are connected to a central computer or standalone through entry devices such as card readers, electronic keypad, sensors and cameras among others. Cards and card readers control entry and exit into or out of doors, and for employees of a jewelry shop. With a simple card, an employee can access a vault, case, door or cabinet. With access control systems, you can limit the accessibility of vaults, cases or cabinets in specific days, holidays and on weekend. Certain employees can access certain doors in a shop while others are preserved for access by the employers.

Cameras that are fitted with motion sensors are ideal in pawn shop security and for jewelers. These cameras can notify the store owner whenever there is an intruder in a room who can then notify the authorities. Again, cameras connected through a computer are able to store data on cloud based storage.

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