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Access Control Systems for Cannabis Dispensaries

The legal regulations in different states in the US mean that cannabis dispensaries will need specialized security systems. Like most business, surveillance systems such as CCTV and alarms are the primary security systems, monitoring activities inside the business. These systems serve two purposes; they scare away any intruders, and also capture any dubious activities within the business. Today, CCTVs and other monitoring systems can be managed from a mobile device, and this makes it easy for the dispensary owner.

Access control system for Cannabis Dispensaries

Access control systems, however, are the main security systems in these dispensaries. FPC Security has access control kits to meet the needs of growing business across different states in the US. These kits are relatively inexpensive to acquire, install and maintain. When installed right, an access control system will guarantee the security of a dispensary by controlling who enters or exits the dispensary.

When setting cannabis dispensary security, a sophisticated access control system is needed. Users will need to choose between different locks including maglocks, electric locks, electric strikes and others. These locks are integrated onto the access control system with cards, electric keypads, cameras and scanners.

Accessing doors

There are different ways to access a system. While cards are the most common forms of access to different parts of a building, a dispensary might choose thumbprints, key tags among others. The method of access chosen should offer convenience to the users and other parties that access a business. Each of the methods chosen will require different entry devices to connect the whole system to the central computer or as standalone method without software or a computer needed.

How do access control systems work in enhancing cannabis dispensary security?

Access control systems are controlled from a single computer or as a standalone method that does not require a computer. This computer is only accessible to select members of a business such as the security department. The access control software allows users to control different aspects of security such as who gets access to the building, which doors a given card or code can access, which days a given card is allowed to operate, and at which point the validity of a card, code or thumbprint is nullified.

When setting up the system, employee details, their cards, thumbprints and others will be entered into the system, making it easier to control traffic in and out of the building. Besides regulating entry and exit, the access control software retains activity data. In case of a security bridge, details on cards that accessed a given door will be shown.

Door Electromagnetic Lock for Cannabis Dispensaries

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