Video Intercom System

Video Intercom System

Video Intercom System, Stay Safe with an Intercom Security Device:

Audio Intercom security systems enable one to use voice communications with someone else in another area using a specially designed device. These methods are used to provide security at a building’s entrance or gate. In order to enter, a person must contact someone in the building, control room, or home to get permission for entry. If the building’s security grants permission, the person can be buzzed in through the door or gate. A video intercom system is one that uses that intercom security device with a video camera. A commercial video intercom system installed, on the premises, will provide that for them.

What Kinds of Places Install Intercom Security Systems?

Intercom security can be found at just about any place that needs the ability to control who’s getting into a building. Favored locations:

Schools/Universities,  Apartment buildings, Hospitals, Homes- Homeowners, Factories or Manufacturing Plants

What kind of Video Intercom system Do I Need for A Home or Business?

Wired and wireless intercom security systems are the two main choices available for home and business use. Whether you’re looking for a home security device or a commercial video intercom system, let’s look at a few different types:

Wired– The wired intercom security system is usually for larger residences or companies. The devices, within the video intercom system, are wired together, so signals transmit, without issue, over longer distances.

Wireless– The wireless video intercom system is typically the more expensive option but doesn’t require the hard wiring that the wired system needs. This method uses the home’s wifi network to transmit signals between all the intercom security devices in the system.

Door Phone– These come with a commercial video intercom system. A person makes a call, using a specially designated receiver, to a phone on the inside of an area or building to gain access.

Key Points to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Intercom Security System

Night Time– If you think you’ll need to use a video intercom system at night where lighting may not be the best, consider a unit that enables the night vision functionality, so you can still see who’s wanting entry.

The number of monitors needed– In some places, you can use more than one monitor for an intercom security system. This enables you to see who’s wanting entry when you’re not near your main indoor monitor.

The most important thing to remember when searching for a home or commercial video intercom system is that your safety is number one.

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