Indoor/Outdoor Fingerprint Keypad/Access Control Card Reader with Software

Indoor/Outdoor Fingerprint Keypad/Access Control Card Reader with Software


Access control card reader with software

Access control card readers are classified into two categories; a general access card reader that does not provide personal information of the person using it and an individually encoded access card reader that gives identification data that identifies the user uniquely. Typically, an individually- encoded access card reader comes with customized software that provides information like:

• The user personal details

An access control card reader with software lets one know the specific person who accessed certain restricted area by providing personal identification information like the name of the person, identification number, social security number, and any other information.

• Time and attendance

Besides recording a person’s identification information, a card reader with software can also record the time somebody entered or exited a particular area. This would be an essential feature for managers who want to track the movement of their employees.

Different from general access card readers, a card reader with software is designed to support security segmentation. For this reason, one can use the card reader to allow some few people to a restricted area while keeping others off the area due to some security reasons. For this reason, a card reader with software is an excellent way to limit costly security errors.Those looking to invest in an access control reader with software should consider FPC’s VIS- 3013, a water-resistant card reader that allows or denies access using a person’s fingerprint or an access card. Below are the features that make the Wi-Fi enabled card reader different from its competitors.

• It can support up to 3,000 users.

FPC’s VIS- 3013 can store and read the fingerprints of 3,000 users. Apart from supporting a large number of users, this card reader can store up to 100,000 event records. As such, VIS- 3013 is an excellent option for large companies and institutions.

• It generates time and attendance reports

Another great reason to invest in this card reader is that a manager can use it to retrieve a detailed report showing the exact time when one gained access to a specific restricted place, and the time he or she exited the place.

• Accurate and fast fingerprint recognition

FPC’s VIS- 3013 boasts of quick and precise fingerprint recognition. In fact, the reader takes an average of two seconds to recognize a fingerprint. Alternatively, one can use an access card instead of a fingerprint.

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