FPC Security is a company based in the USA.

We are headquartered in Miami, Florida. Proud to be American, we seek to provide access control systems, both modest and sophisticated to most parts of the country. Our company has over 20 years of experience in the Electronic Security Industry. This means it is home to the most experienced team of technicians and support team always ready to respond to your queries about our products. Similarly, because we are an American company, we understand all your needs and give your best interest a priority, unlike any other company. We know what you need and how you need to be serviced.

Worried that the techs you receive are low-end and made somewhere else? No need. With us, quality is a guarantee as all our techs are 100% USA based. Although we service other markets as well, the North American market is the market we know and understand the most. This way, you can rest assured that our customers are treated with utmost care and that our technical support will always be at their disposal. Our engineering services to our clients are proactive. That is, we are always a step ahead of you to ensure you are free from the hassle of thinking too hard about a particular product that satisfactorily meets all your needs.

Don’t hesitate. Get in touch with us for a wide variety of security products including door access control systems, card access systems, and other accessories compatible with devices for controlled access into residential or commercial buildings.

We serve the US and Canada.

Why look anywhere else for products you can easily get from us in the highest quality and with the lowest prices ever? Why miss out on the best deals, services and technical support? Contact us today for all your needs.