Wireless Doorbells Kits

Wireless Doorbells Kits

Wireless doorbells kits

Wireless doorbells for everyone! Check our Zemgo Wireless doorbell kits. A doorbell is a signaling device that is placed at a close proximity to the door at a buildings entrance. When a person trying to access the building presses a button, a bell then rings at a strategic location inside the building, notifying the occupant of the presence of a visitor. Our functional and fashionable Front and back doorbell kits provide a simple, effective solution for homes, offices or business. They are made of durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions for a doorbell that is placed out in the open. This particular type of doorbell gives you the power to control it even from a distance. Through the receiver you can reject or answer the door, you can as well inquire who your visitors are without physically being at the door. Whereas a doorbell fon ensures that whenever a person rings your doorbell, a call is sent to your telephone with a unique tone that alerts you of the visitor. With us you can find the following types of locks,

Wireless Doorbells – Zemgo ZEM-2507 White Indoor wireless receiver

This wireless doorbell kit is very modern and has an appealing design suitable for use by those clients who do not want to compromise on their home or office decor. It can support up to 50 wireless devices. It is water proof and no batteries are required for its receiver to function.Its wireless transmitter can cover a range of up to 1000 feet. Its specifications include:

Wireless Doorbells – Zemgo ZEM-2508 Black Indoor Wireless receiver

This doorbell has a distinct classic design. It is quite easy to set up and get it working. Within a short time you good to go. It has a fascinating messaging option that is custom made. You are able to come up with recordings of your choice that play each time someone rings your doorbell.

Wireless Doorbells- Zemgo ZEM-2509 White Indoor Wireless

The most unique feature with this doorbell is that it can be solar powered. It has a unique elegant design and delivers on quality. It does its job and it does it very well.

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