Automatic Door Opener Presentation. Features and Functions

Video Description

The VIS-440A-ADO is an automatic door opener and closer designed for doors that swing in. With its built-in wireless receiver and specially designed inswinging bracket, it is easy to program additional remotes, to add to the two remotes already included, and a seamless swing of the door when it opens and closes. Designed with an adjustable 0-60 second hold-open time, you are able to customize the system to your preferred time. Since this unit is IP42, it is for indoor use only and operates through a 110V.

Below you will find links to purchase some of the products.

Automatic Electric Door Opener Visionis VIS-440A-ADO 110V + Closer For 440lb INSWING Doors + Built-In Receiver + 2 Wireless Remotes

Automatic Door Opener Visionis VIS-440B-ADO 110V Electric + Closer For 440lb OUTSWING Doors + Built-In Receiver + 2 Wireless Remotes

Remote Key Fob Wireless Visionis VIS-8016 – For Automatic Door Opener

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